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A swipe across the lit screen,
we lend hands
rippling across the open blues,
reaching green-paling soils,
flourished with a palette of emotions-
Love and awe we band,
across multicultural livelihood,
for causes of a one
sometimes voices for the unheard,
trying to fit into the jigsaw
In spite of vivacious colours and gracious tribes.

From boards and emblems
on feet baking Earth,
scorched by the blazing sky
They stood and plead, some died;
A glorious rebellion.

Today’s stirring Hashtags,
Sharing stories of scars,
occasionally lives of scarce;
That drink from the coloured canal,
their homes painted in grey smog,
souls fuelled by putrid air-
A story of a 50 yard view,
vainly scrolled on a jewel-toned sofa,
blinded by the draped curtains
over the oriel windows of the 8th storey flat.


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