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The Blue bird

“Ohhh hey Dev” they waved at him,
While walking across the yet-to-be-filled workstations.

Opening up his Mac,
Sipping his morning dose of joe,
Greeting them with a beam of a guise,
Did he begin his tasks.

Amidst the Mon-daily bustle,
He remained gentle.
Saw the golden-rays tussle,
Striving to seep through barely opened sun blinds,
Like a baby struggling its-self through the bars of a caged-cradle.

He returned to existence,
Escaping the nature’s intrusion,
Ensuring work was his solitary distraction,
Running away from thoughts.

It wasn’t his typical ‘1-yard stare’, she noticed.
“So how’d it taste? Sweet or savory?” she tried free-wheeling.    
“Taste? Are you asking me?” he questioned with a puzzle.
“Ask your collar Dev” she uttered.
He looked through his reflective computer screen,
To find out unfamiliar stains on his dotted-white shirt.

“Ohh that, I think …” He thought for a minute,
“Yeah, she wore caramel nude today” and replied with a smirk. 
“Oh that’s cute, and now you’re talking” she grinned. 

Back to the bright-lit screen,
While broodings crawled through his mind,

A little by little;
His sight turned hazy,
Those fathomless eyes lost its spark,
And senses whirled into dusk.

Whilst his soul engaged in war;
In a dilemma;
In between clearing the doomed and anchoring into work, 
To clear the doom? Or to anchor into work?

“The documents on your left please?” he heard,
His arm reached out for the files, 
Yet the inner-self endured at the edge of its subconscious.

Moments passed by,
His Fossil ticked hours in a jiffy,
The half-emptied coffee lost its aroma, 
While the paper pushers folded their sleeves 
And the cyber-slackers were stamp-warring.

Yet his silence seemed a queer.
He heard voices forming a cloud,
Voices that used his name,
Questioning his quietude.
“He’s fine, Romeo is just hallucinated since his caramel morning…” she went on dispelling the clouds with her vindication, seeing the workmates chuckle.

He gave a self-deceiving smile.

While his soul lived in a discrete dimension,

Wandering in a world of his own,
Swimming through thoughts,
Thoughts that nobody could ever believe he would be drowned in.

Did he let go of his glow to embrace the gloom?
Whether it was anxiety? Or the games of life?

It all remained a riddle. 

Because to the world’s sight, was he a blue bird,
A high-spirited glory.
They know not of his untold story.  

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